19695 Larue Lane
Rogers, Arkansas  
(479) 925-3863

I am interested in computer related technical positions in the Northwest Arkansas area 

I am currently studying Spanish at Northwest Arkansas Community College

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR. 

Graduate Education/ Educational Technology 

night courses and independent study in desktop publishing applications, telecommunications, electronic imaging, graphics design and media grant writing 

current grade point: 3.85 

Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Mo. 

B.F.A. in Graphic Design 

Full Scholarship 

Park College, Parkville, Mo. 

partial scholarship 




Computer Skills

I am personally using pc's with Windows NT4. server, Red Hat 6.2, Windows XP, 98 and  Mac X for my home office. I am versed in hardware and software for these platforms and I also work with digital multimedia 

I have expanded my own business, EurekyVisions, to include e-commerce, custom web page design and site administration and I am currently participating in alpha and beta testing for several net related software companies. 

I am an external hardware and software tester for Apple computers and also a member of Microsoft Developers Network. 

My strongest area of expertise is graphics and I am familiar with most of the high end graphics solutions for PC and Mac, including imaging software like Photoshop or Corel Draw and publication software like PageMaker, Quark Fusion,etc. I have experience using Office. 

During the time that I worked for the 2000 census, I supervised a network node consisting of 15 Dell workstations running Windows 95, a Dell server running Novell4.5, 5 Hewlett Packard 8000 laser printers, an Xerox laser copier, two fax/copier multi machines, a 20 phone bank and a large postal metering machine. My duties were to maintain all the equipment, print all of the census maps for Northwest Arkansas region , instruct the clerks in use of the Commerce Dept. software, (basically Oracle databases with PeopleTools front ends) and maintain security of electronic information. (I also had a security clearance and was authorized to give Federal oaths.) 

In general, I am capable of maintaining computer hardware to the extent of upgrading ram, installing and configuring cards, modems, printers, scanners, digitizing pads, hard drives and ethernet type connections. I can install software and run diagnostics utilities. I am familiar with Windows networking and Macintosh Appletalk,Appleshare networking. I have used Novell. 

Please visit my websites : 


Rhonda Dixon


SKILLS continued

Audio/ Video  

* I have experience operating all types of audio/video equipment including cameras, recorders, projectors, and editors I have also done darkroom processing. 

General Skills

* General skills- operate all flat glass equipment and various woodworking, metal working, welding and lapidary equipment 


Microsoft Developers Network  


Apple Computer Devseed Network 

member, external CQF tester 

Arkansas Craftsmen Guild  

past vice president 

American Crafts Council  

past regional representative 

Corporation for Research and Educational Networking  

past CREN / BITNET conferencing member 

Fayetteville Open Channel  

past Secretary, Board of Directors 

Washington County Master Gardeners  

past volunteer 




In my spare time I enjoy Indian artifact hunting, wildlife photography, gardening and all water sports 

My stained glass has been published in; 

Handcrafted Doors and Windows, 1982 

Rodale Press Emmaus, Penn. 

Handcrafted Shelves and Cabinets, 1984 

Rodale Press Emmaus, Penn. 


Most of my adult life has been spent as a stained glass artist. I started experimenting in the video media by working part time for the University of Arkansas Media Services. I found working with the technical side of audio / video production to be very satisfying. During this time, I also produced and set up for cable broadcast, local commercials for Demerre Media 

In 1991, I went to work for J.D.G.Television at KPOM channel 24 in Fort Smith in preparation for bringing on-line KFAA channel 51 in Rogers. I then went to work in the control room at KFAA as a master control operator and production equipment operator. I left and went to work for Video Inc., a production company that was based in Springdale. We made lots of training tapes and did a lot of work with the poultry industry. My job was mostly to assist on location shoots when extra help was needed. I worked for Video Inc. until they moved to Little Rock during the late summer of 1991. 

After Video Inc. left the area, I started taking courses at the University of Arkansas Graduate Education in the Educational Technology Department so I could better fill out my experience. During this time I did Independent study with Grad Education Production Services, Computer Services at Razorback Rd. and at the Gibson lab where I learned to put together presentations using Persuasion and Director. I also worked with the Elkins High School Scholars program teaching multi-media skills. Dr. O'Dell, the department head, was my student advisor. I learned to love my computers even more than video production! 

In March of 1999, I went to work for the Census 2000. I had worked for several census's before and so went immediately to work with mapping and then interviewing for census in 'special places' ( group situations that ranged from universities to homes for abused women). In August of 1999 I was hired as the Automation Technician for the regional office to be in Ft Smith Arkansas, one of four offices in Arkansas. 
This proved to be very interesting and challenging work. First, the phones were set up, a Lucent 20 bank setup with 32 phones and voice mail. Then, because we did not have an office manager yet, I had to accept and record many pallets of furniture and materials for the census . I received special training for this and also Commerce Dept. Management Overview and EEO compliant  certification. We spent weeks in training that included use of government database software- based on Oracle and PeopleSoft. I was given clearance to give oaths of office to new employees and assist in their training with the technology and government software. 
Finally, the major electronic equipment arrived- 15 Dell workstations and a Dell node server, 5 HP8000 laser printers, a giant Xerox copier, fax machines, postal machines, shredders,,,,,I was responsible ( with phone assistance from the regional office in Kansas City, to maintain , use and assist others to use all this! It was very exciting and almost made me want to see the census go on forever. 
After everything was set up and the clerks trained, my duties  became assisting with employment  certification and payroll, printing listing books and maps for the entire Northwest Arkansas region, pulling daily reports for managers and keeping the technology running. I believe the Census 2000 gave me a 'power course' in dealing with diverse office skills.
In 2005 and 2006 I worked for the various special population census in this area as a crew leader. 

Currently, my hobby is in testing the marketability of my stained glass products online. 

I have learned to use computers for publishing, networking, communications and graphics arts and am acquainted with the various software and hardware issues that can come up in a business environment. I have a natural desire to share what I know with others. These are qualities that would also serve me well in a help desk environment.